Yes! yes! yes! Must have HEAHAIR!

Customer Say:

i have this wig had it for about six months now still love it only issue is the part dont look natruial

It is hard to describe the beauty of a wig in words, so I decided to make a video showing you the wig as it comes. I was impressed with how well packaged this came, and the care the company took in putting this wig together.
The colors are absolutely stunning. It is a beautiful and natural looking blond on top that slowly changes from a lighter to a deep purple. The hair itself is incredibly soft and of high quality.
I am a child psychologist and will be wearing this wig to work on Halloween. I am probably going to dress up as a ‘mermaid’ and make this wig part of my costume. I can also see me wearing it to a Lady Gaga concert (I have been to about 6 concerts of hers and know you just don’t go unless you dress the part) or to costume parties. That said, the wig is absolutely beautiful enough to wear without it being a part of a party attire as well.

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